Personalised Property Solutions

We take the time to understand your cicumstances and bring you a favourable resolution. Where possible, we will also offer you fixed pricing on our services.

Experienced property conveyancers for buying, selling or leasing property

Buying or selling your home or commercial property is a big decision. We have substantial experience with conveyancing matters and have represented both buyers and sellers of property for all legal matters.

We provide fixed fees for Conveyancing that include GST and basic property searches. Pricing is based on the Council area as property search costs will vary between Councils.

Fixed Pricing

Fair and well balanced outcome

Affordable and reliable


Legal Elements QLD are registered with the Office of State Revenue and can provide ‘in-house’ duty stamping on transactions and are also a lodger with the Department of Environment & Resource Management (Queensland Titles Office). We act for clients in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.

We are committed to keeping it that way by helping you through every step of the process and ensuring that all legal requirements. After all the effort in choosing the right home, conveyancing shouldn’t complicate matters. Your solicitor will do all things normally required to conduct the conveyance of the property such as briefly exampled below:

  • Advise on contract terms & conditions
  • Confirm relevant contract dates such as cooling off, building & pest, finance, any special condition dates and settlement date
  • Obtain your instruction on relevant contract dates such as building & pest, finance, any special condition dates before acting to satisfy or terminate
  • Conduct property searches during the conveyance
  • Liaise with your lender/finance broker
  • Calculate settlement figures including duty payable
  • Attend to duty assessment and any documentation required to claim a reduction (where entitled)
  • Prepare Transfer documentation
  • Complete ATO Withholding GST requirements (if relevant to your purchase)
  • Lodge a Priority Notice on title (where required)
  • Direct you on equity funds required into a trust account (where required)
  • Arrange cheque directions with your lender
  • Finalise and attend settlement
  • Notify the agent that settlement has been completed so that you can collect the keys (usually the agent will hold the keys)

The sale of property is never as simple as one party writing a cheque to another and closing the deal with a firm handshake. In order for the sale to take place efficiently, transparently and to the satisfaction of all parties involved, you need the services of a professional who is experienced with every aspect of the sale and dedicated to seeing you through the process successfully. We are experts at understanding Brisbane Conveyancing regulations and issues.   We will review the contract closely to be certain all terms of the sale are to your satisfaction. We’re also here to answer any questions you have to ensure you fully understand the terms of the contract. If the house or apartment has been your primary residence, selling it can represent a major life change, and you’ll likely have a lot of details on your mind about making the move. We provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing  that our Brisbane based Legal Elements QLD Conveyancing experts have your back from the start of the process to the very end.

Depending on the nature of the property itself, including commercial/industrial and Crown leasehold properties—and the type of transaction you’re conducting, needs can vary. Our services are not limited to the sale, purchase and development of Brisbane commercial property. We also assist many clients with:

  • easements and subdivision of property;
  • creating or dealing with property-holding trusts or other entities;
  • registering, making changes to or removing easements;
  • dealing with building contracts;
  • subdivision of land
  • leasing issues and put-and-call options.

While also providing excellent growth opportunities. While investing in property is often associated mainly with developers or large-scale investors, more and more individuals are looking at property as simply another avenue for investing their money and, ideally, turning a profit.

It has the potential of becoming a negative impact on your business’ cash flow at a later stage. Legal Elements QLD can provide assistance with retail and commercial leases in a number of capacities. We can assist you with:

  • Drafting and reviewing retail and commercial leases
  • Negotiation for the terms of the lease (including rent, transfer options, duration, exit and renewal options)
  • Subletting of premises.